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Creating new possibilities for you and your dog

Creating new possibilities for you and your dog, click to learn more...

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Creating new possibilities for you and your horse

Creating new possibilities for you and your horse, click to learn more...

Conversations with Dog

Suzy with bulldog

Have you noticed the contribution that animals have been to us? Most of us live our lives without noticing how and what animals are gifting. Would you be willing to listen more? Have more of a connection? What are your dogs, cats, horses, birds and all animals telling you, that you have not been hearing? Please join me and my guests in this different exploration about and with animals.
We will be using the tools of Access Consciousness™ in this show, which are explained and more in depth here www.accessconsciousness.com

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Suzy's Blog

Here you will find tips and tricks about modifying certain behaviors, different points of views about certain topics and just random thoughts on animals.

Also please know that I will use the Access Clearing Statement in my blog as well as my radio show. It works on letting go of any fixed point of view that we might have on any topic. It is like the magic wand that allows you to see more possibilities, get out of the either or universe and change anything that you would like to change with your animals! 

If you would like to know more about Access Consciousness and the clearing statement, please listen to the show I did on the archived radio page, or go to The Clearing Statement.

The tools used by Suzy Godsey are from Access Consciousness™, founded by Gary Douglas.
To learn more about Access Consciousness go to www.AccessConsciousness.com.